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Brake manufacturing industry should be in the high-end development
WinPride | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

A vehicle brake is a component that generates a force (braking force) that hinders the movement of the vehicle, which also includes a retarder in the auxiliary braking system. At present, the car used by the brake are almost all friction, can be divided into drum and disc two categories.

According to China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" development guidelines on the promotion of key areas across the development of the relevant arrangements, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries will continue to focus on China's development areas. 

The state of the equipment manufacturing industry norms, will be conducive to the development of China's brake industry. In addition, due to the continued economic growth in 2011, is expected in 2011 China's GDP will be 9.5%, car production and sales situation is expected to continue to receive a larger increase in 2011, the total demand for the automotive market is expected to reach 20 million. Comprehensive judgment, in 2011 China's auto sales growth rate of 10% -15%, which will drive the development of the brake industry demand market. It is expected that China's brake industry market size in the next 5 years, will remain 15% -25% annual growth rate.

In recent years, with the revitalization and development of equipment manufacturing industry, domestic brake production has increased significantly, the brake industry sales revenue growth; due to the late start, the technical foundation is weak and the development of the brake industry, the development of the brake industry, Capital investment is limited, China's low-end products to brake products, a small number of leading enterprises in the industry adhere to independent innovation, increase R & D investment, is to high technology content in the high-end product development, brake, high-end products market share gradually Increase, medium and high-end brake business profit rate is on the rise; and low-end product manufacturers because of many manufacturers, highly competitive, prices were down, while steel and other major raw material prices have fluctuated, the profit growth rate slowed down.

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