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Damage to the Car BRAKE PARTS
WinPride | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

First, drag the bottom, foreign body hit the chassis

The speed of domestic road construction is really surprised me, today just repaired the road tomorrow again "ripple", and when the road repair when most cases will produce more large stones or potholes, which When our car in the open to the road when they do not pay attention to a large stone or other road surface protrusions and their own vehicles in close contact with the chassis, that is, we often say that the bottom of the drag.

It is easy to damage the parts located in the chassis part, such as the three-way catalyst shell crushing, the engine oil sump crack, the gearbox shell crack or the suspension system deformation, etc., because the situation is uncertain, The occurrence of these problems will give your car a very fatal injury.

Second, corrosion

As the environment deteriorates, even the rain is acid rain, and in such an environment, our car may increase the possibility of damage. As the chassis is often in contact with sewage, greasy and other substances, and these substances in the chemical composition will slowly corrode the chassis and chassis parts, so for the chassis anti-corrosion we should pay more attention.

In addition to just said the rain, sludge will have the risk of corrosion of the chassis, the winter snow used to melt snow and seawater can corrode our chassis, especially the sea, if your car to the beach outside the car must not open to the sea, Seawater on the chassis of the corrosive will be very strong. If you do not pay attention to the chassis and sea water contact, please use a large number of fresh water or a neutral detergent to wash the chassis.

Third, how to avoid

In general, in order to prevent the two easily lead to damage to the chassis occurred, 4S shop will recommend the owner to install the engine guard board or the chassis commonly known as "chassis armor" chassis protection. Install the engine guard This recommendation I strongly recommend, because some economical cars in order to save costs will not be installed under the engine and gearbox protection device, so that the engine and gearbox and the road in direct contact. And the installation of the engine guard, you can artificially the engine and gearbox and the front part of the chassis part of the important parts of the protection, so that even if the real situation, but also before the care of the shield, and will not hurt important Components.

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