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Development of Disc Brake
WinPride | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

Disc brakes are an axially active brake in recent years for hoisting, metallurgy, mining, oil and port machinery. In terms of lifting machinery, the disc brakes were initially used only for translation mechanisms, and in recent years the use of the lifting mechanism was increasing. Compared with the block brake, the disc brake has the advantages of large braking torque, adjustable braking torque and large adjustment range, stable and reliable braking, good heat dissipation and small inertia. Its lack of friction brake pad is greater than the pressure, bear axial force, horizontal size and more expensive and so on.

Due to the significant advantages of disc brakes, there is a tendency to replace block brakes on some devices. The original West Germany BUBENZER, KRUPP, DEMAG and other companies have such a series of brake products, such as BUBENZER company SKP, SKD and SB and other series. In 1980, the original West Germany developed the draft standard for disc brakes and was revised in 1989 (DIN15432 ~ 15434,15436,15437) to standardize the design and manufacture of disc brakes. Japan also has several companies to produce disc brakes, such as Sumitomo Electric using the British technology to produce MK series disc brakes, Japan's Aichi Co., Ltd. and BUBEN.ZER joint production of sB series disc brakes. The former Soviet Union, the United States and France also produce disc brakes. In recent years, China introduced a variety of lifting machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship unloading machines and large excavators and other equipment, the use of disc brakes on a lot, such as the Wuhan Iron and Steel hot rolling mill to introduce the Japanese bridge crane running Institutions using a normally open foot hydraulic disc brakes, Qinshan nuclear power plant to introduce the French bridge crane on the use of disc brakes as a safety brake.

China from the early 80s began to carry out disc brake research work, has developed several different forms of disc brakes, and put into use. Such as Luoyang Mining Machinery Factory manufacturing disc brake actuator (clamp body, on the gate and loose gate device, etc.), has been used in the hoist. Fulaerji First Heavy Machinery Factory trial of the DPZ-type electromagnetic disc brakes, Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute developed QPZ multi-disc pneumatic disc brakes for metallurgical equipment. The wedge-type electric hydraulic disc brakes developed by the Shanghai Port Machinery Factory have been used on the lifting and luffing mechanism of the gantry crane. The professional standard for disc brakes for lifting machinery was completed in 1992, which sets out the main parameters of electric hydraulic disc brakes and brake discs. In 1986, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery College and Jiaozuo Brake Factory jointly developed a brake arm type disc brake prototype (brake disc diameter of 560mm, with Ed pusher), in 1989 for industrial testing and identification, that performance has reached the design Claim. Taiyuan Heavy Machinery College and the use of domestic single putter design of the brake disc diameter of 400mm brake arm disc brake, made by the Shenyang electromagnet factory prototype, prototype identification and then the diameter of 315 ~ 1000mm power hydraulic brake Arm type disc brakes are designed in series.

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