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How to reduce the wear of the drum brake brake pads
WinPride | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

The rapid growth of the current automotive industry, making the country on the requirements of the performance of the car brake is also increasingly strict, drum brakes because of its specific advantages in most economic cars and heavy vehicles are widely used. As a very important part of the drum brakes, brake pads can operate in good condition directly to the vehicle braking performance of the pros and cons, therefore, in the process of daily driving as much as possible to delay the process of its wear and tear. So how can we weaken the wear of the drum brake brakes?

1. When you know in advance to the front of the steep slope, should be reduced in advance of the speed of the car, and the use of appropriate gear, select the engine brake and brake system in conjunction with the operating mode, you can effectively reduce the brake system, Reduces the wear of brake pads in drum brakes with good stability.

2. To reduce the wear of the drum brake brakes, keep in mind that the engine is not extinguished during the downhill process. This is because the current vehicles are usually equipped with a brake vacuum booster pump, if the downhill engine flameout, it will cause the brake pump can not help the auxiliary role of the master cylinder will produce great resistance to the consequences, then The distance between the brakes will be multiplied, and eventually the reputation of the brake pads in the drum brakes will be even worse.

3. Automatic transmission of vehicles in the urban areas, regardless of speed should be timely collection of oil. If it is close to the front car when the oil on the brakes, will make the drum brake brake wear is very serious, and more costly. At the same time, the vehicle to see the red light or congestion in advance to advance in advance, so that fuel savings can save maintenance costs.

4. During the night driving process, when driving from the light to the weak light, because the eye changes in the light there will be a regulatory process, in order to protect the safety should reduce the speed of the car. At the same time, when driving to the bend, slope downhill, bridge, narrow road and line of sight is not easy to see where, should also slow down the speed and ready to brake or stop the preparation, which can drum brakes brake pads The wear and tear to a minimum.

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