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The role of the car brake system
WinPride | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

Brake master cylinder is the car brake system, the function is mainly to provide the brake power, only the vehicle engine only after the start of the brake power, bus and truck and other carts using air pump booster system, the car using oil pump booster system, the main oil brake Brake master cylinder for the vacuum booster pump, in the case of total pump power, the driver control the hydraulic pressure on the brake pressure when the brake pedal on the intensity can be much easier, if the car did not start the engine, then use the best, Brake pedal can not step on the end.

The role of the brake from the car can only be used in the car and the direction of the direction of the car and the opposite direction of the external force, and these external forces are random, uncontrollable, so the car must be installed a series of specialized devices to achieve The above functions.

The automobile brake system refers to a special brake mechanism for mounting a brake on a car in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle and to increase the average speed of the vehicle. In general, the car brake system includes two sets of driving devices and parking brake device independent of the device. Which driving the brake device is controlled by the driver with the foot, it is also known as foot brake device. Parking brake device is controlled by the driver by hand, it is also known as hand brake device.

The function of the running brake is to slow down the car that is running or to stop within the shortest distance. The function of the parking brake is to keep the car parked on a variety of road conditions remain intact. However, sometimes in an emergency, the two types of brakes can be used simultaneously to increase the effect of car brakes. Some special-purpose vehicles and cars that are often traveling in the mountains, long-term and frequent braking will cause the drive brakes to overheat, so there are often different types of auxiliary brakes installed on these cars to stabilize at downhill Speed.

According to the braking energy situation, the braking system can be divided into human braking system, power brake system, and servo brake system. The human braking system takes the driver's strength as the braking energy; the dynamic braking system uses the air pressure or the hydraulic pressure converted by the engine power as the braking energy; the servo brake system uses both the manpower and the engine power as the braking energy. In addition, according to the braking energy transmission, the brake system can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic to wait several.

In a type of automotive brake system, a brake is a component of an automobile braking system that produces a force to prevent movement or movement of the vehicle. The brakes used in the type of car are friction brakes, that is, the braking torque that prevents the movement of the vehicle from the friction between the fixed element and the rotating working surface.

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