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What Are The Main Faults Of The Brake?
WinPride | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

The main phenomena are:

(1) motor shaft and impeller shaft between the square coupling loose after the fall, the motor shaft idle and the hydraulic cylinder does not move.

(2) hydraulic push rod loose brake putter bending deformation, loose gate work is not in place.

(3) hydraulic fader brake spring break, the brake can not be closed.

(4) The movable hinge of the brake frame is jammed and the brake is opened and closed slowly or not.

(5) the brake frame of the activities of the hinge pin loose, the brake work is not in place;

(6) Brake belt, brake wheel wear serious, braking torque becomes smaller or lost braking torque.

(7) hydraulic push rod drive the motor drive off the phase, the motor and the brake does not move.

The failure of the above-mentioned failure directly leads to the reduction of the reliability of the gripping mechanism and the luffing mechanism, especially the braking process of the descending process and the increase process, which seriously endangers the production safety. Therefore, the reliability of the hoisting mechanism and the luffing mechanism We focus on equipment management and technical research.

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